Zhangjiajie’s Varied Measures has been Implemented to Optimize Service Environment

In order to bring into full play of industrial and commercial functions, and to promote the travel development in Wulingyuan District, the branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Wulingyuan, since this year, has optimized further the service environment and service mode innovation, and minimized the admissions of starting an undertaking as well as stretched the business fields according to the law and through abundant means like online reserve service, delay service, key accounts follow-up service, face-to-face service and online instruction service, etc. based on the Measures to Boost Town-Wide Entrepreneurship which is with the orientation and strategy of increasing the total volume, expanding in scale, encouraging the advanced and obsolescing the laggard.

Up to now, the total volume of Wulingyuan market body has reached 2,316 with a year-on-year increase of 23.26% of which individual business accounts for 1,983 growing by 24.72% comparing with that in the same period of last year. The newly-emerged market body makes up 416 up by 17.84% against the same period of last year.

Translated by Vincent Chou