Zhangjiajie Time-sharing Appointment tour System was widely praised

From August 13th, to November 12th, implementation of wulingyuan substation time-sharing appointed mechanism after three months of operation examination, achieved significant results. Time-sharing appointed system not only alleviated the long queues difficult problem, but also conducived to guide and tourists reasonably to arrange visiting time, improving the quality of tour.

During the operation, after asking opinions and the suggestion from the guests, with the combination of line up experience and field observation evaluation from Sun Yat-sen university institute of travel, the results showed that: the implementation of “travel agency team substation time-sharing appointed” mechanism, average queue time of taking ropeway or elevator ascending shortened 1.5 hours. The increase of consumption time in the secondary scenic spot, entertainment and shopping place, improved the travel experience. Thus relieving work intensity of line service , reducing the security pressure.

Translated by Sophia