World's Longest Glass Bridge to Be Built in Zhangjiajie

In company with Israeli construction safety analyst Doron Shalev, the internationally-famed designer Haim Dotan conducted a field visit on November 23 to the Zhangjiajie Great Gorge Scenic Spot for a construction project --- the highest and longest glass bridge in the world.

After a gorgeous and wonderful overlook of the great gorge, Haim Dotan was tingling with excitement, saying that the world's longest glass bridge and the world's most amazing scenery as in Zhangjiajie are definitely a perfect match. He expressed the hope to perform more miracles in the city.

The glass bridge will utilize aeronautical material to enhance the bridge's structure stability and safety, which is rare in the history of bridge construction around the world.

The project is scheduled to locate in the Lishuya Area and the Wuwangpo Area of the Great Gorge Scenic Spot. According to Haim Dotam's design, the bridge is about 3.2 meters' wide and 330 meters' long with a relative height of 400 meters between the bridge arch and valley floor. The bridge surface is wholly paved with transparent glass with the world's highest bungee platform in the center. Upon completion, it is expected to become another travel wonder in China.

Translator: Wang Bilian

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal