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Zhangjiajie Zhonghu Village, A New Choice of Ecotourism

Yesterday night, the Tujia-style BBQ zone of Yexipu, located at Zhonghu village, Wulingyuan restrict, Zhangjiajie, was full of singing, laughter, and cheering. It was more than hilarious. Over a hundred independent tourists by private car, who appreciated the landscape in Qing Feng Valley in walk in the day, got together, watching Tujia Opera, drinking Tujia Wine, taking Tujia Waving Hands Dance at night. The atmosphere was fantastic!

Mr. He Anming, the township head of Zhong Hu Village, said:” Zhong Hu Village has managed an annual reception of over 100 thousand tourists who were here experiencing the charm of ecotravel.”

Translated by Vincent Chou