The Spanish Artist Lazkano Depicted Zhangjiajie

On October 26th, the Spanish artist Jesus Mari Lazkano, held his first exhibition “scenery soul” in Beijing, which organized by LinTianFang. It opened in the art space of 798 art district bridge, with a total of 18 works.

Lazkano graduated from fine arts academy of Basque university, and became the oil painting professor of the university. In the long painting career, he mainly caught the correlation between fine drill natural scenery and architecture. He worked out a picture of seven meters long bilbao panorama for the Shanghai world expo.

Most exhibited works significantly were from Lazkano′s retrospective recently in bilbao art gallery. At the same time, including a series of zhangjiajie landscape painting and six meters long landscape sketch for SKT company. One of the huge size picture “zhangjiajie” that painted cloud around peak. It was hard to imagine the Chinese beauty unexpectedly from foreign artists hands. Accoding to Lazkano′s introduction, this was a new content, new understanding, with his eyes on China’s landscape. This kind of try to put him into the Chinese culture, Chinese landscape, draw out the idea of Chinese landscape – zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia