Zhangjiajie Exhibition of calligraphic works were launched in Hetang Art Gallery

In the morning of October 26, 2012, the group exhibition of calligraphy works from Zhangjiajie and Kiamusze was launched by Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Brigades Working Committee and Municipal Literary Federation of ZhangJiaJie city in Hetang Art Gallery.

Totally there are 120 calligraphy works from 60 different calligraphers and the style of them ranges from small seal script of Qin dynasty, regular script, cursive script, etc. Most of them were written of ancient poetry, which can fully present the heritage and innovation in calligraphy of both cities and can demonstrate these calligraphers’ passion and artistic culture as well.

This exhibition will not be unavailable until November 10, 2012 and is free of charge for the public. If you are interested, hesitate no more and go ahead!

Translated by Vincent Chou