Zhangjiajie Yellow Stone Village’s DIY Tour Surpasses Team Tour on Oct 6th

On Oct 6th, the sixth day of “Golden Week”, tourists flow in the majority of attractions in Zhangjiajie has fallen back. While source from Zhangjiajie Yellow Stone Village has learned DIY tour has surpassed team tour for the first time with 2,000 tourists have been received by the attraction on the very day, which takes up 60% of the total receipt tourists.

Due to the implementation of Tourism Law and free toll on self-driving cars, self-driving travel has fired a storm since the beginning of the holiday. Only Zhangjiajie Yellow Stone Village receives over 1,000 cars per day, a substantial increase compared to last year.

“Judged from the car plate numbers in the parking lot, most self-driving tourists come from surrounding regions, such as Changsha, Changde, Sichuan, Wuhan and Guangdong, and a few from Inner Mogolia and Shanxi” field staff comments,“Tourism coaches have been reduced substantially to the pervious years”.

As “Golden Week” holiday wanes to a close, The parking lots in Zhangjiajie national park are still teemed with self-driving cars at the afternoon of Oct 6th, while there are large spaces in cart areas. The insider analyzes in the last two days of the holiday, the surrounding short touring routes increase and long-journey tours start to back.

By Crystal