The way to honor our parents—Taking them to Zhangjiajie

“If you want to honor your parents, Just take them to Zhangjiajie for traveling!” said by South Korean travel agency manager in front of the iconic gate of Wulingyuan. Every day, there are many South Korean friends who accompanying with their parents here.

The reason why our South Korean friends are so crazy about Zhangjiajie is because of the perfectness reception services in Zhangjiajie, which is more mature and experienced than other scenic zones in China. Let alone the implementation of the new travel law during this National Day holiday.Travelers in Zhangjiajie during this golden week almost hold a positive attitude towards the quality.

In order to attract floods of South Korean travelers, travel managers of Zhangjiajie have made greats efforts on improving the services, infrastructure facilities as well as enriching the cultural programs and software services of scenic spots. For example, we can see lots of signs and hotels in scenic spots are written in Korean, Korean Kimchi,especially the Yellow Dragon Cave also has launched a free Korean dance, which makes our South Korean fiends have an intimate sense of home.

By Aileen