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Zhangjiajie Xibu Street Striving for National 4A Travel Attraction

On August 19th, source from Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan travel sector has learned that Xibu Streetrises in rank of national 4A travel attraction and enters into the final process of quality assessment of travel attraction.Xibu Street has made efforts in terms of the tag system, tourists service center, cultural spots and software. In future, it will become a comprehensive 4A travel attraction rolled sightseeing, entertainment, shopping and cater into one in Hunan.

According to the report, after awarded national 3A travel attraction in last year,Xibu Street starts construction projects in scenic spot with a investment of over 10 millions in terms of eco-car parking lot, bridge, tourist map, signs, toilet and night view lighting. At the same time, relevant preferential policies for travel agencies and win-win for Xibu Street have been come out.

The person in charge of Xibu Street indicates that taking national 4A travel attraction as a chance, Xibu Street will build Xiou qiu platform, Love Wall and Xilan square that displays blind date and love culture of Tujia people; reconstruct waterwheel square that presents the production, life and farming culture of Xiangxi ancestors; establish delicate garden with Tujia characteristics based on sakura, peach blossom and plum blossom. Above are just some examples, when you come here at that time, the fascinating scene will feast your easy.

It is reported that the evaluation committee of the national travel attraction quality class will make assessment on Xibu Street’s declaration for national 4A travel attraction.

By Crystal