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The Prose and Poetry Contest–Zhangjiajie “Beautiful Wulingyuan” Kicks off

On August 19th, The Prose and Poetry Contest–Zhangjiajie “Beautiful Wulingyuan” is officially initiated. It is reported that the time for soliciting articles is from August 19th to the end of October; domestic prosers, poets and literature lovers can apply for the contest; the top three can award 300-800 rewards, but also have a chance visiting Wulingyuan core scenic spot without any charge.

Under the joint effort of Federation of literature and art of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie writer’s association, Zhangjiajie Daily and Wulingyuan News Net, the contest is to prosper Wulingyuan’s travel and culture and develop and stimulate more people to pay attention and love Wulingyuan by producing prose and poetry. The theme of all the articles is focused on Wulingyuan and the styles are prose and poetry. Only online submission is accepted, the email is 1308977062@qq.com.

By Crystal