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Zhangjiajie Lightning Disaster Prevention System Project was Carried Forward

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Tourist Administration officially signed a contract with Center of Lighting Preventing in Hunan Province in order to build the meteorological disaster prevention system in Wulingyuan core scenic spots. That symbolized that the construction entered a substantial phase. It is estimated to complete at the end of June next year.

Last year, Wulingyuan people’s government set the construction of meteorological disaster prevention system as their main project. Under the support of various departments in Hunan Province or in Zhangjiajie City, such as Weather Bureau and Tourist Bureau, The first-phase preparations related to site selection and layout of automatic meteorological station, lightning channel, hedge pavilion etc. have been finished after about one year. According to experts from Center of Lighting Preventing in Hunan Province, 7 automatic meteorological stations will be built in Wulingyuan.

The overall launch of meteorological disaster prevention system project will not only promote travel competitiveness of Wulingyuan, but also drive the upgrade of tourist industry.

Translated by Becky