Zhangjiajie Xibu Street Give Free Tourist Map gift to Visitors

On September 17th, reporters at the service seat of WuLingYuan mark door, found that xibu street workers give visitors the wulingyuan scenic tourist map “.

“This kind of tourist map is practical, marked with wulingyuan main attraction position, and the distance from xibu street which facilitate reasonable arrangement of tourists visiting.”The staff introduce, from now on,it will distribute 4000 free scenic tourist map to the tourists every day. It not only provides convenient for the vast number of tourists visiting zhangjiajie scenic core, but also will let the visitors further understanding of Xibu street.

Zhangjiajie Xibu street, located in the SuoXi river of wulingyuan city, opening to tourists from home and abroad this May 16th, for the only free visit scenic spots of zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia