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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Rolls Out a Hotel Version of Digital Television System

Guanshanyue Mansion of Wulingyuan Xibu Street has already taken a lead in using the hotel version of digital television system recently. As reported, this has been the first pilot program in Hunan province up to now.

“After checking in Guanshanyue Mansion, I could get to know the introduction about Wulingyuan scenic spots, travel line and even book the entrance ticket without going out of my room, only by using a television remote control instead, which was extremely convenient.” Mr. Li said, a visitor who comes from Guangdong province.

This system is managed by Wulingyuan Network Ltd uniformly. Apart from offering basic TV programs and VOD service, it also has make-to-order personal welcome interface and various intimate services, such as car rental, catering services and entertainment and so on.

Generally speaking, the operation of this system greatly improves the service quality in hotels, introducing a new era of Wulingyuan television business, fitting in with the developing demand of Wulingyuan scenic spot as an international travel leisure resort.

Translated by Becky