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“Zhangjiajie Mountains Look Like Vienna Forest”

News conference of 2013 Xiaoxiang Morning News’ New Year Concert was held in Changsha,Hunan Province a few days ago. Before that, Liu Lianyu, vice director of Hunan Provincial People’s Congress, met with Christian Chaib, concert master of Vienna Video Symphony Orchestra.

Liu Lianyu said, the origin between Austria and Hunan is very deep. In 2003, Hunan singer Song Zuying held a solo concert in golden hall of Vienna. By the way, she mentioned her visiting to Austriain 2002, couldn’t help to signing that the mountains and water there impressed her deeply.

At the same time, Liu Lianyu also didn’t forget to introduce Hunan province to those guests and invite them to go sightseeing, with great hospitality. “Hunan is a large travel province in China, which shows a lot of features. Furthermore, Zhangjiajie is known for its most beautiful mountain in China, and its mountains are just like Vienna Forest.” Liu Lianyu said.

Translated by Becky