Zhangjiajie WuLingYuan Road Transport Safety Inspection

January 24th, Zhangjiajie WuLingYuan road transport management devoted into the transportation enterprises about road transport safety inspection before the Spring Festival, to ensure that the entire transportation safety and road transport market is orderly.

With the start of bus station source management, mainly hidden trouble in and out of guangdong. According to the present situation of the bus station waiting room, inspection team requires the bus station to artificial “levels” inspection, check every packages, to ensure that every transport vehicles with safe production and pay special attention to the source management. Each transportation enterprise must strengthen the comprehensive technical performance test, give full use of GPS dynamic monitoring equipment, to ensure the transport vehicles not speed, not overload, and not fatiguely drive. Equipped with double class drivers, implementing good night rest system, improving the driver’ safety consciousness, to ensure transportation safety.

Through the inspection, in WuLingYuan, each transport enterprise are conducted in accordance with the requirements. With the earnest, comprehensive and systematic arrangement of the Spring Festival, in order to ensure transportation safety.

Translated by Sophia