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Village Spring Festival Gala Lights up Zhangjiangjie

On January 22, a stunning village spring festival gala was held in the scenic Wulingyuan Nature Reserve in Zhangjiajie, Hunan. More than 2,000 local villagers, as well as domestic and overseas visitors enjoyed the rich folk culture show.

The village spring festival gala was set against Zhangjiajie’s beautiful natural landscape, with the Yangjiajie Nature Reserve, the core scenic spot of Wulingyuan and a World Natural Heritage site, in the background. The show was held near Qingfeng Canyon in Yexipu Village, the famous ecological travel resort. Because of the stunning location, spectators were able to enjoy both the authentic village culture performances as well as have a sight feast of towering mountain peaks.

Live performances included Maogusi Dance, which is Zhangjiajie’s most characteristic folk performance, percussion of the Tu ethnic group, Weigu (surrounding drum), Yangxi (a local opera), folk song duets, festival lanterns and so forth. The splendid gala not only showed the beautiful natural landscape of Zhangjiajie, but also gave show to its unique folk customs.

Translator: He Yao

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal