The world’s most beautiful places

Malaysian town of Semporna group of kids paddling like wandering in the sky.

Chongqing, China:tranquil beauty (born three Qiaoxia, Wulong County Lucky Dragon Inn, “Curse of the Golden Flower” filmed)

Dubai:Cloudy day.

Pei Lajie Islands (Pelagie Islands) is located in the central Mediterranean seawater transparent like a ship floating in the blue sky.

Dubai Underwater World

Chinese Xinjiang-Ili,so beautiful.

Romania unique waterfall

U.S.Crystal waves Saipan.

The world’s largest aquarium through the glass to see the wonders of another world.

Melbourne·hot air balloon:Melbourne,Australia is the only one to be free to play a hot-air balloon city to travel, try flying time overlooking the world.

Night in Paris:Paris beauty comes from its history preserved.

JiLange fjord in the best of times, do want to dream, to go to the place you want to go.

Santorini night hazy.

Columbia Las Lajas Church:If you walk into a mountain, accidentally discovered the mountains hidden in such a building.

The Maldives last 100 years, the countdown has begun, so take advantage of the still young because of glacier melt water influx in time to trip it!

U.S. Route 50 is known as the nation’s most lonely highway. Simply a site attractive enough photos.


Sky Mirror:Bolivia’s Uyuni salt marsh, paradise, especially after the rain, the lake is like a mirror, reflecting the sky.

China Ili:Carpet prairie Xinjiang had only the grape trellis son and desert friends thought it should go to a trip.

Natural pool Yucatan Kiel Gadin swim beach how to climb out? Haha.

Norway: the appearance of the world depends on you to look into its eyes.

The Greek Aegean iceberg.

The Tibet Namjagbarwa,aperture:F8 about ISO minimum,The use of the door B, the exposure time is about 10 minutes, therefore can see Xinggui.To dare to believe that the camera the strength of the pro sweep a blind.

Feeling Mother Nature, and painting.

Alps Mountain

Chile’s glaciers:looked so beautiful, do not know will not step did not take a good slid into the water, freezing to death and personal.

Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Toyama, Japan seaside fluorescent squid (Watasenia scintillans) The squid is usually 7cm long, light-emitting end of the site located tentacles.

Meet time, night lonely. The “outside world” Duras Photographer: Boris Stefanovic.

French Polynesia The Raiatea Beach:Do not crazy,we are old.