Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan hold painting and calligraphy exhibition

The paintings and calligraphy exhibition named “the Fragrance of Ink” undertook in Wulingyuan library as well as Wulingyuan Cultural Center on October 12, 2012.

Over 200 calligraphy and painting works were presented to the public among which there were 47 calligraphy works, 10 sketches, 7 oil paintings, 4 gouaches, 10 sandstone paintings and over 130 photographs. The calligraphy styles range from the regular script, the official script of Han Dynasty, the running hand(the cursive hand), the cursive script as well as the seal character of Qin Dynasty while the forms from vertical and horizontal scrolls, Doufang( a piece of paper with the size of one foot square) and sectors (paper in the shape of sector). Some of the works are from experts while other from tyros.

Translated by Vincent Chou