Zhangjiajie launched Hunan’s first outdoor travel anthology

Lüdou, one of the writers from Wulingyuan Restrict Writers’ Association, and Zhima, cooperated and wrote a book named Go Traveling with the One which was published by Jiangsu People’s Publishing House. This is the first anthology concerning traveling outdoors in the publishing industry of Hunan Province.

This anthology consists of 35 essays, such as Encamping on Tianzi Mountain on a Snowing Night, and Family’s Travel to Phoenix Town (Fenghuang), which were written during their family travel in recent three years. The book received hearty recommendation from a tremendous number of experienced domestic backpackers and travel journalists as soon as it was available in bookstores. Xiaopeng, the author of Backpacking for Ten Years, praised:” This family’s travel combines both freedom and kinship, which is the supremacy of tour.”

Translated by Vincent Chou