Zhangjiajie Terrible Weather Challenged The First Wing-Suit Flying Grand Prix

Another rainy day controlled Zhangjiajie, for which the first wing-suit flying grand prix have to be put off again. Whether the exciting moment will happen or mot certainly depends on the whether of tomorrow.

The fog has been haunting around the whole Tianmen Mountain for the whole day. As a result, people can see nothing from the summit of this mountain but a world of white. Since wing-suit flying is one of the most difficult extreme sports, it is very dangerous and even fatal to undertake it in such low visibility. The finish line is the middle part of the cable way and the landmark for the contestants to turn and fly through the line is on the highway down the bottom of the mountain. The heavy fog made it impossible to see the cableway (the finish line) let alone the landmark.

Will the whether be clear to undertake the grand prix? Notice the daily renewing of this website, please!

Translated by Vincent Chou