Zhangjiajie Welcoming the Biggest Series Team-2180 Taiwanese in 20 groups

On the afternoon of April 23rd, A group of guests enthusiastically took pictures at the picturesque Ecological Square of Huanglong Hole, Wulingyuan. It is said that this is the sixth group of the biggest series team beyond mainland that have visited Zhangjiajie. All of them come from a insurance company from Taiwan.A total of 2180 people who are the business elites of a listed company- Taiwan Sanshang Meibang Life Insurance Company. They were awarded to sequentially visit Zhangjiajie between April 12th and May 22th in 20 groups.

Zhangjiajie Zhongshi International Travel Agency is in charge of these 20groups. These Taiwanese will visit natural sights like Tianzishan, Yuanjiajie, Golden Whip Stream, Yellow Stone Village, Huanglong Hole in Wulingyuan core scenic area and cultural sights like Tujia Folk Customs Garden. To ensure safe and satisfactory tours for them, A expert reception team was set up. Groups who have visited Zhangjiajie spoke highly of the unique tourist resources and first-class service. Zhangli, The vice manger of the insurance company, said “We choose Zhangjiajie as a reward tour, for it is very famous and popular in Taiwan. Besides, The perfect natural sights and gorgeous ethic customs is also very charming, which helps to cultivate our staff’s temperament and broaden their vision. She also expressed that she would reward other staff for a tour of Zhangjiajie and introduce Zhangjiajie’s beautiful scenery and delicious food to more Taiwanese friends.

The Wulingyuan Taiwan affairs director revealed that, Taiwanese travelers have exceeded 200 thousand since direct commuter flights from Zhangjiajie to Taiwan opened, increased by 15 times than 10 year ago. This statistics shows that Zhangjiajie beyond mainland tour has made a new progress. Taiwan has become a another important travel market after Korea and Southeast Asian. Zhangjiajie agency of Cross-strait Exchange Association was set up on April 11th this year, which would bring new opportunity for stabilizing Taiwan travel market as well as enhancing the economic exchanges and trade cooperation between districts.

Translated by Zumi