Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Witness a Hot of Spring Trip Since April

On April 21st, A misty rain was going on in Zhangjiajie. The city was enveloped in clouds and fogs. Though there was trickling rain in the sky, It would not abate the interest of those who wanted to go on a spring outing in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. They spread here and there, watching flowers, enjoy beautiful sights, have fun with the monkeys, or taking photos. With high spirits, They breathed the fresh air of the natural oxygen bar and felt the unique wonder of the park.

Among the peaks stood misty fogs like a beautiful shy beauty in white satin, or a natural oil painting that would put you into a wonderland and people could have fun in walking there.

According to the statistics, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park has been going on a hot spring trip since April. There is about 197 thousand people up to 20th this month, especially more than 5 thousand between 17th and 20th on average,even 7 thousand some on 19th. Compared to the same period last year, it increased by 12.67%.

Translated by Zumi