Guangzhou Auto Radio Station Broadcasting “Unique Zhangjiajie Landscape”

On April 20th, Guangzhou Traffic Radio Station broadcast the world’s natural heritage site-Unique Zhangjiajie landscape and its newly favorable policies to local citizens. It is the first promotion for the Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan travel promotion group in Guangdong tourist market.

Within 1 hour some talk show, Xiang Xujie, Duputy district mayor of Wulingyuan Government introduced unique rich tourist resources, High-quality tourist reception facilities and continuously improved traffic condition as well as the activity “Inviting 10 thousand global micro friends to enjoy Zhangjiajie landscape”. Besides, the charger of Wulingyuan Tourism Bureau also sincerely invited Guangzhou citizens to enjoy Zhangjiajie mountains and rivers, fresh air, clean drinking water, and green food.

Wulingyuan travel promotion group would make a sincere chat with Guangzhou Tourism Bureau, local main associations, news media and etc about the common development of Zhangjiajie’s Guangdong travel market in the following day.

Translated by Zumi