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Zhangjiajie tourism delegation’s investigations in Hollywood

On 15th, August, Zhangjiajie Municipal government travel work study tour has begun their investigations of Tourism works and travel marketing in the USA under the leadership of Liangbi,the deputy mayor.

The delegation has first inspected film center in Los. Angeles and have a preliminary communication with the director of the center, Ms. Peter Brosna and Kathy FanDeLin, vice-president of The United States terry heinis branded entertainment marketing company on the introduction of Hollywood movie studios into Zhangjiajie. The deputy mayor of Zhangjiajie, Liangbi conveys the cooperative intention and the support of Zhangjiajie to explore the new pattern of travel marketing so as to expand the fame and influence of Zhangjiajie travel. Ms. Kathy FanDeLin says they will send a related expert panel to have an on-the-spot investigation in Zhangjiajie as soon as possible.

In the afternoon, Zhangjiajie delegation has held a travel promotion with the help of its American partner, Concept Company. And Mr. Liang, deputy mayor of Zhangjiajie has attended the conference and accepted media reporters’ questions and then they gave a banquet to entertain the participants.

He mainly presents the geologic landforms, folk culture performances, food culture, travel facilities and travel market concerning travel experience and travelling service to the guests and answered the questions related to the improvement of exterior transportation of travel in Zhangjiajie and the intensification of publicity efforts on Zhangjiajie travel in North America. World Journal and Sing Tao Daily have also covered the event

By Brenda