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Zhangjiajie 3D map website has been reset online

The website of Zhangjiajie 3D map (including Wulingyuan urban area) has been basically completed and tested online at http://zhangjiajie.edushi.com/. Welcome to your correct at shuire@21cn.com and thanks for your support and participation!

For this map, it now possesses several functions that will help tourists to have a much easier and more relaxed trip in Zhangjiajie.

Firstly, it contains every detail in Zhangjiajie, such as every street, every hotel, every restaurant, the place of food and specialties, the distribution of scenic spots and the recreational locations etc. which will enable you to have a preliminary knowledge of Zhangjiajie before you come.

Secondly, you can also experience online travelling in Zhangjiajie scenic spots in this 3D map.

Thirdly, this map website also integrated urban electronic map, three dimensional electronic yellow pages, life info, E-Government Affairs, city E-commerce, making friends , virtual community into one.

With its advantages above, this website will benefit both the residents in Zhangjiajie and its tourists !

By Brenda