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Zhangjiajie Time-lapse shooting video formally meet with the audience

Zhangjiajie Time-lapse shooting video formally meet with the audience September 22nd, 2013 | Tags: Zhangjiajie news

Wind blowing and clouds floating, The seasons change as the scenery varies.It is a fragment of a video finished by Wulingyuan cableway corporation and Zhangjiajie Jiangtao advertisement corporation within 2 years. This video adopted time-lapse shooting is the first propoganda video about the world natural heritage.

In this video, you can have a look at the mountains raising from clouds, streams running among mountains, monkeys jumping from trees to trees, giant salamander swimming in the streams and crying as babies…

The whole video,Named mountains Raising from Zhangjiajie,Clouds Climb Tianzishan,is consist of pictures of four seasons. Each of pictures is of great importance to witness the changes of Zhangjiajie,A world-wide well-known travel city.

The birth of this video is the pioneer of time-lapse shooting to spread the influence of Zhangjiajie. Meanwhile, the video also does good to Zhangjiajie’s market influence and pupularity. English version is going to be prepared for foreigh travelers.

Zhangjiajie Time-lapse shooting video link:


By Aileen