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First Travel Food Festival will be held in Hongjiang ancient commercial city

The First Tourism Food Festival will be held between 29th September and 7th October in Hongjiang ancient commercial city,Hunan.

At that time,travelers are welcomed to visit the ancient city as well as the tasty food for free.In a nutshell,There are going to prepare 10 themed activities during this party.

At the height of Hongjiang, businessmen from 18 provinces,24 cities and over 80 towns were flooded here to operate their business. So do the delicious and various food.Therefore,Hongjiang ancient commercial city is famous for its gourmet.

The 10 themed activities, respectively,are the exhibition of fine food, xiangxi kitchen god champion, private home cuisine competetion, king of eaters, beer carnival night, etc. It is a platform for tourists and businessmen all over the country to have a happy communication about food, travel, business fellowship and product.

By Aileen