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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan witnessed over 80,000 visitors During Mid-autumn Festival

Three-day holiday of Mid-autumn festival has come to an end on Sept.21th and more than 80,000 tourists around the world have enjoyed the beauties of mountains and waters and spent an unforgettable three days and two nights over there.

On Sept.21th morning, The last day of the holiday, though, at the entrance of Wulingyuan Wujiayu ticket station, the amount of visitors are no less than that of the first day.

A tourist from Shanghai said,“Before my journey, I have searched a lot of information about Zhangjiajie including Yuanjiajie, BaofengLake, and Yellow Dragon Cave. And I’ve already been to Baofeng Lake and Yellow Dragon Cave and today is for Tianzi Mount. It is so marvelous that there is no word to convey its charm and we can’t help talking that scenery is everywhere around the mountains” at end, she pointed out that although it was no enough time to afford her to go everywhere, Zhangjiajie’s beauty has been engraved in her mind.

More Self-driving tour: On the parking lot of Yellow Dragon Cave, A tourist from Nanjing and some of his friends drove from Nanjing to Zhangjiajie with their families, saying that”compared to take part in a tour group. I would like self-driving tour for it’s freer”

According to the staff at Wulingyuan Wujiayu ticket station, self-driving travel from peripheral province is a feature this time and the it takes up 30% of the total tourists amount, 10 percentage higher on a year-on-year basis.

A safety and well-orderly circumstance: In order to welcome the Mid-autumn Festival,Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Core Scenic Spot and related department have all made out a tourists reception scheme in advance and implemented accountable system to ensure a safety and well-orderly circumstance.

By Brenda