Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Stopping Selling Day Tickets after 10:30am on Oct 4th

It is reported that Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan has witnessed lasting peak with more than 10 thousand guests since October 2. At 5:00am, October 4, many guests were queuing for buying ticket in Mount Tianmen Cableway Station. Up to 10:30 am, about 10 thousand tickets have been sold out. In spite of not reaching to the highest reception capacity in the scenic area, the related chargers have decided to stop selling tickets on that day. It helps relieving the guests’ pressure on queuing and ensuring a good order in the scenic area as well as the safety of guests. Guests who have not bought the ticket on that day were informed to reschedule their tour plan through broadcast and staff. Besides, to make another plan more conveniently, the ticket office would sell tomorrow’s ticket.

Though Mount Tianmen was crowded with people, it is in a good order. Every traveler was heartily enjoying the fresh air in the so called “Oxygen Bar” at the top of the mountain and feeling the exciting cableway, thrilling cliffs and shocking Tianmen Hole while stepping up step by step, happy and lively. To ensure the safety of tour, there is a patrol party walking in the scenic area at any time. It is made up of by security guards, rescuer teams and forest policers.

Mr. Chen, A guest from Shanghai, said “Though I went to many attractions during Golden week, I only feel Mount Tianmen is the most comfortable. I didn’t wait in the line for a long time. Besides, I have many tourist routes to choose. What’s more, I can enjoy the scenery while waling. It is not tired for me to take care of my child. Hence, this trip is really brilliant” In the upcoming two days, it is expected to have a lasting tourist peak either. Tianmenshan scenic area will prepare for any adjustment in accordance with the actual situation to ensure a safe and satisfactory Mount Tianmen.

By Zumi