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CCTV Program Focuses on Zhangjiajie

At 11:00am, Oct 4th, Straight in Attractions program from CCTV News direct broadcasting room comes to Yellow Stone Village in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park for connecting on scene to release Zhangjiajie’s self-driving car numbers and tourist capacity in core scenic spots in this year, as well as the data comparison between this year and the same period of last year. Besides, The counterplan of solving self-driving travel peak by Zhangjiajie attractions have been introduced on the scene, display Zhangjiajie’s gorgeous scenery as well as highlights humanized management and service of Zhangjiajie’s scenic spots.

In order to response to self-driving travel peak, Zhangjiajie formulates related countermeasures, for example, downtown units free up office parking lots to give more parking space for self-driving cars, forbid official vehicles on road during “Golden week” holiday to remit traffic pressure, organize 1,300 volunteers to offer free consultation service to self-driving tourists at traffic artery entrances arange traffic police to perform guard duty throughout the day for directing traffic and dredging car flow. According to incomplete statistics, Zhangjiajie has received over 10,000 self-driving cars just on Oct 3rd.

By Crystal