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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Core Scenic Spot is expressed“Blowout”on Oct 3rd

On Oct 3rd, The third day of “Golden Week”, the wolrd natural heritage–Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan witnesses a highest tourist peak of this holiday. At 10:00am Oct 3rd, tourists in the ropeway lower station of Tainzi Mount and Dragon Ladder “Blowout”, hence it will take long time for queue-up into the transport channel of the scenic spot; tourists also packed with Ten-mile gallery, Golden Whip Stream, Huangshi Village, Yellow Dragon Cave and Baofeng lake, which far surpasses the tourist flow in yesterday.

It is estimated Wulingyuan has received about 50,000 tourists on Oct 3rd, a 20% increase to the previous day. In order to facilitate the reception quality for travel, Wulingyaun travel sector reminds tourists to adjust their schedule per the tourist flow presented on the electronic signs. Warm notice board said with”Due to long time for queue-up, Please choose other travel line” are set up in the lower station of Tianzi Mount ropeway and Dragon Ladder and Shuiraosimen. At the same time, sectors from Wulingyuan public security, fire control and armed force increase efforts to patrol in hot attractions for the sake of orderly queue-up and sightseeing. What’s more, sightseeing in advance at night are recommended by Yellow Dragon Cave and Huangshi Village ropeway, which can provide tourists with more time to sightseeing due to the travel peak shift.

By Crystal