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Zhangjiajie Tianmen Fox Spirit Awarded the Best Promising Scenic Spot

On April 27th, the award ceremony of “splendis Xiaoxiang, natural beauty–the best beautiful scenic spot in Hunan” is held in Tianman Fox Spirit grand theater. The organizing committee of the event presents awards for six best beautiful scenic spots in Hunan, three most promising scenic spots and three good participating scenic spots.

The best beautiful scenic spots in Hunan fall on Zhangjiajie, Yueyan Tower, Fenghuang, Love Dusk Pavilion on Yuelu Hill, Orange Island and Henshan; three most promising scenic spots are Meishan Dragon Palace, Hongjiang Ancient Commercial and Tianmen Fox Spirit; three good participating scenic spots are Dongjiang Lake, Zilongwan Hot Spring and Nanshan Pasture.

Translated by Crystal