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China’s First Guide Kind Fund Established in Zhangjiajie

News from Xinhua agency that Zhangjiajie Travel Group and eight core scenic corporations jointly initiated a kind fund .It is the Guide Kind Fund, which aiming at setting up a guide subsidizing security mechanism to continuously care about tour guides.

Related materials reveal that this is the first fund in the whole country and officially launched. The main mode of fund raising is voluntarily donation from sponsors, social groups, fund interests and other legal incomes. For the sponsor units, they are required to annually donate at least 100,000RMB. Recipients of the Guide Kind Fund include professional tour guides who registered in Zhangjiajie, local and national guides working in Zhangjiajie but come from other places and special languages commentators who with Tourism Administration issued certificates.

Whoever eligible can apply for financial aid and the maximum of the funding is 120,000 RMB.

By Aileen