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Zhangjiajie Weather Report during May Day Holiday

An unforgettable traveling memory usually has something to do with the weather. Here is the accurate weather report from the Hunan Observatory based on the monitoring data of meteorological stations.

28th April: The province-wide in Hunan will be cloudy to overcast. In areas like western and northern Hunan will usher in a shower or thunder shower. Heavy rain will fall in north part of Western Hunan.

29th April: The north-central parts of Hunan Province are moderate shower or thunder shower. Other areas are cloudy to moderate shower or thunder shower with the decline of temperature and strong wind.

30th April: There will be overcast to moderate shower or thunder shower in Southern Hunan, some of them perhaps heavy. Northern Hunan will be overcast to cloudy. The rest parts in Hunan will have showers or thunder shower to cloudy.

1st to 2nd May: Sunny and cloudy, which is suitable for outer activities.

Tips: For a safe and impressive journey in Zhangjiajie, here come several tips. Umbrellas and water-proof shoes and raincoat are indispensable. Ladies had better wear on soft and suitable shoes instead of high-heel ones. Sunglasses and sunscreen products should be prepared.

By Aileen