Zhangjiajie Signed Low-speed Maglev Train Transportation Cooperation Program

On 13th December, 2012, the ceremony of signing the low-speed maglev train transportation program as well as the JVA(joint invest agreement) of Zhangjiajie Magnetic Levitation Transportation Co. Ltd. was held. Mr. Hujun Qiang, the Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Secretary, and Mr. Zhou Qinghe, the CEO and the general manager of Nan Che Zhu Zhou Electrical Locomotive Co. Ltd., and Mr. Liu Yuegao, a member of the Municipal Standing Committee and the vice Mayor of Zhangjiajie City, Mr. Luo Jinming, the vice director of the Standing Committee of Municipal People’s Congress, and Mr. Liu Dexiang, the vice president of the MPCC (Municipal People’s Consultative Conference), attended the ceremony.

Accordingly the starting point of the maglev train line is planned to be the West Railway Station of Zhangjiajie while the end the symbolic gate of Wulingyuan Scenic Spot. The whole line, 24 kilometers in length, has an investment of 500 million yuan. This line will take the transportation from the center of Zhangjiajie to the core scenic spot of Wulinguan Resort after construction as a model combining the low-speed maglev transportation and the regional natural resources. All of this is a practical step that the first low-speed maglev train line in China will be successfully set in Zhangjiajie with a mile-stone-like significance.

Translated by Vincent Chou