Zhangjiajie Firstly Put Forward Free Travel “Cake” for High rail-way tour

On December 16th, zhangjiajie in order to celebrate the the breakthrough of jingguang high rail-way, launching a free trip “cake” : everyone takes jingguang high rail-way to visit zhangjiajie in 26th, they can enjoy zhangjiajie a scenic spot and a free hotel reception.

Free reception spot is zhangjiajie grand canyon, the national 4A level scenic spot, near the world natural heritage wulingyuan huanglong hole. In 2013, it proposed to build the world’s longest glass bridge, now ticket price is 118 yuan/person. The scenic area officials says, December 26th, the opening day of jingguang high rail-way is Mao zedong’s 119th birthday, being worth of the whole country to celebrate. In 26th to 28th, the guests who taking jingguang high rail-way to zhangjiajie, just by high rail-way ticket and identity card freely into the grand canyon scenic spot.

Free reception hotel is GuanShanYue hotel, located in the wulingyuan Xibu street. It is the first zhangjiajie romantic resort hotel, at the same time, receiving 34 couple lovers.

The personage inside the travel said that as the world’s longest mileage operation high iron – jingguang high iron was in full operation, the scenic spot will usher in a new development opportunity, hunan zhangjiajie travel will formally enter into “high iron” era.

Translated by Sophia