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Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander Will Declare World Guinness Record

In Zhangjiajie, an old giant salamander is expected to become “the world’s largest Chinese giant salamander”. The giant salamander, called “BenBen”, is nearly 130 years old, with 2 meters body length.

2012 giant salamander protection and development BBS held at 13th. The guardian of “BenBen”, zhangjiajie gold giant salamander biological engineering corporation announced that it would declare for the world guinness record.

Giant salamander is the world’s largest existing individual amphibians, because of its childish sound, commonly known as the “giant salamander,” living on earth for three hundred and fifty million years. For decades, with change of living environment , the world giant salamander drop quickly. At present, biological “living fossil” mainly originate in zhangjiajie, which has been treated as a protected animals by the world environmental organization, the Chinese government will protect it as a kind of animal.

Translated by Sophia