Zhangjiajie Proposed Nearly 100 Programs to Attract Investment for nearly 35 Billion RMB

It is said that Zhangjiajie has received 34.4 million guests with an income of 21.2 billion RMB. For the moment, The number of visitors is still increasing with millions each year. Hence, The travel market scale of Zhangjiajie still leads among tourist cities of the same kind.In spite of its increasing travel market scale, Zhangjiajie focused its attention to its weaknesses and came up with a call to upgrade its facilities all around.

It brought nearly 100 programs for 35 billion RMB to attract investment at home and abroad at Zhangjiajie Tourism Investment Meeting held in Shanghai on June 16th. Its key investment cover many area like urban facilities, travel, new industry, modern agriculture, culture and sports.

“Zhangjiajie is considering upgrading through improving basic travel facilities, enhancing level of tourist management and service to provide all-around travel experience for guests”Danfeng Chen, vice mayor of Zhangjiajie said.

Translated by Zumi