“Xiang Xiao Wu Jia” Prose Poetry Praise Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan

Since April 15th, “Xiang Xiao Wu Jia” Wulingyuan national prose poetry competition activity has begun. Wulingyuan writers association currently has received more than hundreds of writing poetries across the country. The words have revealed the heartfelt praise of the world natural heritage Wulingyuan.

Natural heritage is the source of poetry. Wulingyuan world natural heritage likes a picture of “Beautiful China”. To catch more attention to Wulingyuan, After the success of the last year “Beautiful Wulingyuan” prose poetry literature, On the basis of the campaign, Wulingyuan again this year organizes “Xiang Xiao Wu Jia” Wulingyuan national prose poetry competition, Attracting travelers around all over the country to take actively participate in.

Translated by Sophia