Zhangjiajie Photographers Intoxicated in Huanglongdong’s Beautiful Spring Sights

In the face of pink cherries, Yellow rape flowers and red camellias, Many photographers scrambled for taking pictures in Huanglong Cave Scenic Area, intoxicated in beautiful spring sights there.

A group of Photographers from Xiangtan Photographers Association took a lot of pictures in Ecological Square of Huanglong Cave. Another photographer Cui Junchen said that he have visited there more than 10 times. This time he came with his photographer friends. “I took pictures in Zhangjiajie core scenic area yesterday. The sceneries are very spectacular and magnificent, But for Huanglong Cave, It is full of blooming flowers. It is just like a neighboring gentle girl”He added.

It is said that more than 100 photographers came there since March. The Ecological Square looked like a beautiful garden full of flowers such as cherries. Peach blossoms. Camellias, azaleas, rape flowers. In particular since the middle of March, spring can be seen everywhere with mostly flowers in full bloom.

It is well known that Huanglong Cave is China’s only resort that has both karst caves and countryside sights with broad cave, Deep underground river, hanging spring, dense stalagmites. It was rewarded as “The World’s Karst Cave’s All-round Champion”by domestic and foreign geologists. The Geological Square won National Environmental Arts prize in 2008.

Translated by Zumi