Zhangjiajie Landscape 5D Digital Pavilion will be open before May Day

On March 29th, The world’s first Zhangjiajie Landscape 5D Digital Pavilion in Wulingyuan has been completed and will open to the public before May Day when guests at home and abroad can not only enjoy a beautiful view of Zhangjiajie landscape, But also personally experience an huge natural transition of Zhangjiajie through a 5D film.

Titled as “Strange Love fate in Wulingyuan”,It is a stereoscopic film that across time and space, combines geological knowledge with real person’s show as well as special visual effect, vividly displaying beautiful Zhangjiajie natural landscape in different period such as Devonian,triassic period etc.The film tells a love story of a foreigner,Jack, and a Chinese girl,Cuicui happened in Zhangjiajie. Through a strange and thrilling trip across time and space, They takes visitor to witness a mysterious and splendid change of natural ecology.

It is worth mentioning that this film is not a boring and dull science popularization video as usual but a funny and enchanting one. Through 5D visual effect, audiences will feel like running, screaming and tensing with the protagonists. They can witness long-time diastrophism when Zhangjiajie landscape was gradually formed and watch special prehistoric plants and animals in Zhangjiajie. The 5D Digital Pavilion will help to propagate the image of Zhangjiajie and boost its travel. Besides it initiated a new form of display on science popularization video.

Translated by Zumi