Zhangjiajie“Huangshizhai Cableway Cup”Tour Guide Competition Closed

On April 2nd, The 6th “Huangshizhai Cableway Cup” Tour Guide Competition ended up smoothly. 10 tour guide won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals renowned as “Oscar”of Zhangjiajie tour guid prize.

Liu Yuan, The secretary general of Zhangjiajie tour guide branch of Tourism association and charger of the activity introduced that a batch of influential tour guides like Ren Hang, Liu Yang, Wang Huali have been developed since the opening of tour guide competition in 2001. Besides, It also displayed the youthful charm of tour guides in Zhangjiajie, which made positive contributions to the tourist image of Zhangjiajie.

More than 5,000 thousand tour guides from over 60 travel agencies took part the competition. Through strict tryout and quarter-final,20 more excellent tour guides came to the final. The last 10 winner will be taken as the image ambassador of Zhangjiajie. Those people will visit many places of China to start a series of promotion activities, Being spokesmen or spokeswomen for Zhangjiajie tourist guide association and tourist brand to outside.

Translated by Zumi