Zhangjiajie Outdoor Travel Advertising Video Showed on YS Climbing Festival

From Oct 25th to Oct 27th, Guangxi Yangshuo Climbing Festival blows the horn where outdoor sports branding business, outdoor clubs and climbing lovers across the world will gather to start their sport carnival. At that time, Zhangjiajie Outdoor travel working group will also sent representatives to attend the event and hope that by releasing relevant information about Zhangjiajie Outdoor travel, This event can attract outdoor lovers to come to Zhangjiajie and experience the charm of outdoor sports among Zhangjiajie’s peaks and trees.

Organized by Xitang Outdoor Sports Planning Co.,Ltd, Yangshuo Climbing Festival has held for five times and triggered huge attention and influence in China and the world. During this activity, Zhangjiajie representatives carry along with Zhangjiajie Outdoor travel advertising video and publicity materials to recommend the outdoor travel resources of “Zhangjiajie landform” features to more outdoor sports lovers both from home and abroad.

It is reported that the field work about Zhangjiajie Outdoor travel resources has been done and the promo production also comes to a close, while the publicity materials are under designing. Source has learned from the outdoor travel working group the trailer essentials last for 15 seconds and is themed with “The same Zhangjiajie; the different outdoor paradise”, which records Zhangjiajie’s outdoor travel resources and displays series scenes of forest across, cave exploration, climbing and drifting.

By Crystal