The 4th session of Hmong silver costume cultural festival kicks off in Fenghuang

On October 13th, The Fourth session of Miao silver costume cultural festival kicks off in Fenghuang. 17 representive teams from Miao-populated area in Hunan, Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou Province will show the beauty of Hmong silver costume by integrating Hmong specialty apparel into the beauty of the ancient city of Phoenix.

The activity will last two days, From Oct.13th to 14th, 30 national A-level models will give us a fantastic show on new fashion Hmong clothing over Tuo River in Fenghuang, which is a feast containing both the beauty of natural landscape and the reunion of Hmong silver costume.

The Festival activities are divided into six major contents: network gift-sending of Miao silver costume culture festival, photography contest of China Fenghung Miao silver dress, Miao silver costume show, Miao silver jewelry art shows, fashion Hmong show, China International Fashion Week & Miao silver costume show.

By Brenda