Zhangjiajie Nationnal Forest Park Sold Tickets Nearly 100000

October 8th, zhangjiajie national forest park tickets bureau said that, from September 30th to October 7th, forest park received 145098 people, including tickets 95642, year-on-year growth of 37% last year, refreshing history records, single day average reception were already exceeded ten thousand people.

On October 7th, this year’s golden week dropped the curtain. After eight days′ fighting, zhangjiajie national forest park scenic area smoothly and orderly got through the passenger flow peak and ensured the smooth tourists travel. Scenic spot travel was in order. The number of travel and travel revenue hit a high record, realizing final perfect.

Golden week not only brought income for zhangjiajie scenic spot, at the same time also contributed to the development of accommodation, catering, entertainment, leisure and other tourist economy income.

Translated by Sophia