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The Referees of 2012 the First Red Bull Flight Championships Arrived in Zhangjiajie

On October 5th, three referees of “2012 red bull flight world championships” arrived in zhangjiajie lotus airport. Their arrival meant that the “the first flight world championships” officially started, at the appointed time, they would be on a competitive level of a fair verdict to 16 players.

It is understood that the “2012 red bull flight world championships” will be held on October 12th to 14th, in hunan zhangjiajie tianmen mountain stage. This competition will be the most difficult challenge, the greatest risk in the global flight activities or events, with the highest level demand of players. It is also the highest level of competition, the highest standards international event. At the same time, from nine different countries, 16 world’s most top flight athletes will come together to zhangjiajie tianmen mountain to compete for the highest honor of the limit king. As is expected, there is an authoritative international sports organization that will witness and acknowledge ” the fastest speed of human no powered flight ” which will be born in first world record in this event.

Translated by Sophia