Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Won the “National Workers′ Bookstore” Title

On October 11th, member of federation of trade unions of hunan province, the discipline inspection team leader HuangXinMin and other provinces and cities union leaders came to zhangjiajie national forest park management office, to give nameboard of “National Workers′ Bookstore” to zhangjiajie national forest park .

Zhangjiajie national forest park management office, regarding construction of “the workers′ bookstore ” as an ascending to team quality, thus making some active cultural action. Adhering to the scientific layout, with the standardization construction and operation, making a staggered achievement. Through strengthening management, perfecting the system, “the workers′ bookstore” hits to a great cohesion.

Reagarding “workers′ bookstore” as a platform, to carry out various forms of reading education activities. In the workers, spreading advanced culture, popularizing knowledge of science and technology, bringing about the new high tide of “elegant, zhangjiajie reading month”activities. Increasing investment, and constantly promoting the construction to a new level. Park management office in recent years invests more than 300 thousand yuan on trade union activity room to carry mass transformation. The library has more than 5000 books, making it become the “national workers′ bookstore”.

Translated by Sophia