Zhangjiajie scenery “Match Davos, Switzerland”

All the time, Zhangjiajie catches the attention of the world successfully relying on its pure air and unusual scenery. Up to now, Zhangjiajie has already opened 4 scenic spots, 6 touring routes and more than 130 essence attractions. Britain geologist Simon Winchester once wrote an article in New York Times “Zhangjiajie has the purest, peerless air all over China.” The former female governor of American Colorado Nancy Dick also once said that “you should pay 5 dollars for the air you breathe every time in Zhangjiajie” During the 30 years, Zhangjiajie realized its transformation in many aspects, thus forming the biggest, most efficient and the most versatile forest tourist area across China. Therefore, Zhangjiajie can be regarded as a model of national forest park development.

Over the years, based on green and ecological environment, Zhangjiajie has been stepping on a way of science, flourish and universe, achieving the status of leading the China’s travel trend. During the National Forest Park’s thirty anniversary party, abundant distinguished guests and media exclaimed over Zhangjiajie’s miracle, even said it could rival Davos, Switzerland.

Translated by Becky