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The First Documentary for Zhangjiaje Low-Carbon Travel

How can we get to Zhangjiajie? By bus? Taking a train? Or by air? This summer, a group of tourists used their experience to tell us we can get there in this way —- on October 10, 2012, a documentary named Take My Bike to Zhangjiajie recorded low-carbon travel enthusiasts’ experience of getting to and travel around in Zhangjiejie through bikes or skidding and came to public.

This movie recorded, through those tourists’ description and location shooting, how did those enthusiasts, coming from Guangzhou, Changsha, Hubei, and Chongqing,etc., drive their bikes through thick and thin to come here and what did they think about their special experience. Among them, there were students, lovers, couples, and fathers and sons. Some of them traveled alone while others in groups. The oldest one of them is almost 67 years old while the youngest 10 years old. There were totally more than a thousand of them who had traveled approximately 300 thousand km. They told the world via their low-carbon driving the idea of low-carbon travel and encouraged all of us to protect our environment and the ecosystems.

Translated by Vincent Chou