Zhangjiajie Meteorological Department Launched Service for Snow Tour

Since December 2012, zhangjiajie national forest park travel presented a hot travel situation in winter. Especially in 2013, January 2nd to 3rd, after snow, zhangjiajie major mountains with white snow and silver, which seemed like glittering and translucent, thus attracting a large number of tourists from home and abroad to come to sightseeing photography.

For the convenience of the masses, zhangjiajie meteorological department launched a special travel weather service: tourists wanted to be in advance to see snow, you can dial the observatory telephone or browse the zhangjiajie city bureau travel weather service web site to understand the future weather condition and real-time temperature condition. With the city meteorological station travel meteorological information, travel meteorological press conference to understand rime ice and snow weather, thus to know major attractions of dressing index situation.

According to recent zhangjiajie travel tourists surge condition, the municipal meteorological department also wanted to remind of keeping warm.

Translated by Sophia